Parenting Education

When facing parenthood, our clients often have two big concerns:

“I don’t know anything about babies. How am I ever going to know what to do?” and,
“Babies are expensive and need so many things. How will I ever be able to provide these things?

Our Earning & Learning Program helps to answer both of these questions.
By enrolling in this program, you'll learn how to become the best parent you can possibly be,
while you earn some of the things you need to care for your baby.

The Parenting Education DVDs are viewed in a comfortable, private room with comfortable seating.
Topics range from pregnancy and baby care to potty training and positive discipline.
Your peer counselor will discuss the topic with you and record the points that you've earned.  
You may use these to purchase items from our Earning & Learning Boutique, which is full of baby-care and other items.

Some of the items* that you may earn are:

 Diapers            Car Seats Baby Wipes      Sleepers & Clothing

 Onesies            Outerwear  Shoes               Crib Sheets

 Blankets           Diaper Bags  Children's Books

 Gift Cards   Make-Up   Bath & Body Items    and Gift Cards


  Strollers           Swings Pack-n-Plays

  Bouncy Seats   High Chairs  Exersaucers 

*Items availability is subject to community donations

We also grant Earning & Learning Points for visits to various other agencies, such as:  
Pre-Natal and Well-Baby Doctor Visits, Childbirth Classes and Maternal & Infant Support Services.

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