Earning & Learning Program

The Earning & Learning Program allows participants to earn points while receiving Parenting and Life-Skills EducationPoints may be exchanged for items that you need.  

 Parenting Lessons cover topics such as:  pre-natal and infant care, safety, and first aid, smoking, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and positive discipline.  Life-Skills Lessons include:  budgeting, proper use of credit, housekeeping, job-seeking skills and sexually-transmitted diseases.  Spiritual Development Lessons are also offered.

Some of the items* that you may earn are:

Diapers            Car Seats         Baby Wipes      Sleepers & Clothing
Onesies           Outerwear
 Shoes               Crib Sheets   
Blankets           Diaper Bags         Children's BookS
Gift Cards     Make-Up      Bath & Body Items    and Gift Cards

Strollers             Swings Pack-n-Plays
Bouncy Seats     High Chairs      Exersaucers

*Items availability is subject to community donations

We also grant Earning & Learning Points for visits to various other agencies,
like:  Pre-Natal and Well-Baby Doctor Visits, Childbirth Classes and Maternal & Infant Support Services.

Call 517.278.3355 to schedule your free lesson.